Perfect pitch

he loves It

and he hates it

Matching golds, amber, auburn frosting on bleach blonde hair

framed in too soon sunset

“do you drink red wine?”

He asks, as she packs her canvas bag

He knows the answer but he wants to slow time

wants to watch

the crinkled questions that wraparound her eyes

To raise the pitch of her voice

To its high questioning bewilderment

He knows he’s stolen just a single more moment

fatigue and finer points of Day to day details

have chased chanced poetry

that they promised.

they have to stop and grab the only window in four months time

to deliver on the promise they made.

she fumbles for her ugly green plastic journal

A computer customer gave him in shear gratitude

It fits just write

Between thigh and thigh and thigh

They write the truth

Because Rachel says

That’s always poignant

He always begins to panic as the sun sets

Dreading the bakery graveyard shift

And long lonely looming night

he loves it

He loves the fact that he can see her face in real time

Instead of Facetime On his own porch framed by his nearly blue ford pickup

He hates it as she disappears behind tinted windows

Then pauses smiling.

Shoving her schoolmarm glasses back for the hundredth time

He wonders if the moon rising

Into vermillion and sage

can keep her from hearing his silent cry

stay stay

wrinkles form around dark curls

Rusty drops from the rain gutter Agree

As they all slide into a dull aching reality

it will be 12 and half hours

’til the warmth of breath

Besets another noon fading

from rose to wine colored glasses

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gorp and dew for breakfast

I eat in bed
Rice cakes
Sun Seeds, walnuts,  dates, figs
I drink my coffee
For hours
Trying to wake up
Or go back to sleep

I spill it usually
while Texting you
The morning weather
The evening news

Share my crumbled bits
My dampened sheets
Day hurts our eyes
And you leap from the
To the dewy grasses below

We are clumsy
Both of us
We’ll dance in the last bit of

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heart flake

heartlakeOn the bitter, barren and desolate plains

Of  North Dakota
There’s a tiny obscure delta

Called Heart Lake

I Feel for it
for longing
wandering in this  small/huge
empty place

I can hear it cry out

with me to whatever

gods might listen.
please let me feel
just one last time
before I grow too old
and the north winds rob me
of my vigor and will

let me once more
taste a first kiss
to feel the electric
first touch of
two distant fingers.
of two
shards of claymeeting
Their soils
Their souls.


I can no longer bear the endless sounds

Of alarms and sirenscreaming in my

Crowded brain.

Save me?
Save me.

Heart Lake

whispers sweetly

across an eon of geology

a gentle doxology

‘Save we.

Save we’.

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in Our sorrow song


slides from minutes into decades

not enough tears can wash away

that trite adage

‘Time heals all wounds.’

you are as near now as then

I can touch your cheek

wipe the salt away

and say the meaningless

simple words

I meant to say

But I cannot take this pain away

Your reflection sweeps past behind me

I feel your breath

Come closer

I deny your death

My soul is a deep empty place

Your grasp has no release

a familiar aching hole

where words fail to express

only tears cleanse a slow soul

I stare at faces in public places

I close my eyes tight

And I see you

And I see you

Time slows and I quicken my pace.

I turn to watch the years flash by

And your shadow disappears

out past paths outlined in faint traces

Fate fools me

I can no longer find reality  or truth

I hear your voice, a loop, an old recording

I collapse against a stone pillar

I don’t care who sees me suffering there

A homeless child

Shaking fists at fated, faithless sky

It’s all the cry I have left in me

This is the last place

The last place I saw you touch

If I hold your fingerprints long enough

I can hope you back

Through the ethereal

Long enough to take all of you away

You are the murky clouds

That roil in the northeast

An imminent storm that

Never really strikes

I know you watch

From Nimbus

Each and every time

Before I drink of morning’s first cup.


Break through that veil of time









A stranger’s wink, shove, nod.


I walk alone with you.

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my sister

has lived long without love

not feeling valued. shamed.

three divorces to cruelty

caused her to live in isolation.

she travels world over though,

unafraid of the transatlantic flight

nor of drinking murky Central American waters.

she loves the diversity of the world

and invites it into her home.

in an adult foreign exchange program

through aurora community college.

sometimes she is the Spanish learner

sometimes the English teacher.

he was a surprise.

a six week visitor

a professor from Colombia

who stayed an extra month.

he could not pull his dark skin from hers.

her own wild, dark, distant Inca eyes

and roaring laugh.

soft, she is even along the torn suede edges

turned rawhide.

love knows none and every language

as she screams into her new purse woven by Colombian peasants.

a gift, she murmurs, into its coarse face.

as she watches his plane leave denver.

she can scarcely whisper,

as she sobs into the phone to me.

never can she have him again.

never will she see.

she is  broken again.

sore, aching where the sinew tore from leather

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Ulay Marina

Ulay and Marina

I web chat with you
And I’m selfish
My loud exuberance
Flairs the voice meter
Into the red zone

It’s the surprise of seeing


I stare at my reflection
Mirrored into yours
I never paid attention
To me
So I’m fascinated
With my own face
I didn’t know
I creased a deep gash
Running along my forehead.
Years of worry and running
To or from shelter.

I love to look into
My own blue, blue eyes
Once caked with mascara
Itching in eye

My face so pale in fatigue
As night comes on

But I wonder most
At my lips always smeared
With lipsticks’ crimsons, scarlets, and ruby reds

Now sparkle
Just their own sweet song
Flowering buds of cerise
Louder and louder
I remember to smile at you

We stare in silence for a full minute

a thousand thoughts pass between

Meter clicks to green
And the deep crease eases

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The migrating birds return

Just after daylight savings time
They begin to sing
Their love songs to each other
Crying out across the fences
Then softer
Near the window
Their breath along my neck
I beam to you satellite to starlight
If I could have just one wish
I would wish
To call you thusly
Across continents
And have you fly here to me
My eyes closed so tightly
Curtains drawn
Just one foggy Sunday morning
Pretending to sleep
But hearing your breath mix with mine
The coffee maker so close to the bed
We reach only for cream and sugar
We’d get biscuit crumbs in bed
Ignore the church bell chimes
Play scrabble and anagrams
Compete to name all the animals of the Amazon
Until the morning.
Wore away
And I drift back awake
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